Never Again, Levi Yoder (03) by M A Rothman

Never Again, Levi Yoder (03) by M A Rothman | 404.91 KB
352 Pages

Title: Never Again
Author: M.A. Rothman

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Levi is a fixer for one of the New York Mafia families.
However, when Rivka Cohen walks into his life asserting that the police are calling her husband’s death a suicide even though she has evidence that he’s been murdered, things take an unexpected turn for this mafioso.
In NEVER AGAIN, Levi is thrust into a world filled with old grudges, bigotry, international politics, and treason.
With evidence of a long-festering plot that has its roots in Nazi Germany, Levi knows this is something he can’t ignore.
However, Levi soon learns that it’s the criminal justice system itself trying to bury the case as well as anyone who pursues it.
This may be too much for even him to handle.


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