Nakada M Modern Natural Product Synthesis Overcoming Difficulties 2024

Nakada M Modern Natural Product Synthesis Overcoming Difficulties 2024 | 18.75 MB
530 Pages

Title: Modern Natural Product Synthesis
Author: Masahisa Nakada · Keiji Tanino · Kazuo Nagasawa · Satoshi Yokoshima

In this book, key experts in the field of total synthesis of natural products in Japan describe the details of their synthesis routes including unexpected reactions and syntheses. By presenting detailed stories behind the total synthesis developments, including those routes that were unsuccessful the book provides the reader with a better understanding of how other researchers devise their strategy and overcome difficulties in their studies. The contributions in the book have focused on highlighting the research from Japan however it is appealing to researchers and students worldwide. This compilation of cutting-edge natural product synthesis provides high-quality expertise, especially to graduate students and young researchers, regarding research on synthetic organic chemistry. It can be utilized as teaching material in university seminars as well as provide guidance to researchers in the area of total synthesis. This is an open access book.


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