How to Write a Cozy Mystery by Natasha C Sass

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Title: How to Write a Cozy Mystery: Step by Step: A Proven System to Create Reader-Favorite Cozies
Author: Natasha C. Sass

Ready to write a cozy mystery but aren’t sure where to start?
Are you already writing cozy mysteries but need to streamline your process?
Natasha C. Sass takes the mystery out of the writing process, using proven methods developed in her Cozy Novel and Novella workshops.
This book will walk you step-by-step through writing a cozy mystery, including developing your sleuth, building a cast of supporting characters and identifying a solid suspect list that will keep your readers guessing until the very end.
There’s no guesswork for you, the writer. Inside you’ll discover a solid four-act structure and how it applies to cozies. Natasha breaks down the story into chapters and scenes that will keep the pace and tension high enough to keep readers turning the page.
By following her process, writers learn how to go from story idea to a finished fan-favorite book.
What other cozy authors say about Natasha C. Sass’s method based on this book:
See for cozy mystery workshop details.
Natasha is so knowledgeable about how to write a cozy mystery. She is patient and helps you work through any issues you may be stuck on in your book. Plus, the class is kind of like a small family. It’s so much fun to meet with other authors and hold each other accountable! – Stella Bixby
As a pantser, Natasha’s Cozy Novella Course helped me find a way to incorporate more upfront planning into my writing without being too confining or taking away the fun of discovery writing. The best part? Within a month I had a brand-new novella in my seriesBrook Peterson
A really focused, well-planned course which was a lot of fun as well! Excellent value. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and there’s lots of space for having your own questions answered, and for exploring ideas. It hugely exceeded my expectations. As a beginner, I found it idealCary McGilvane


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