Fae Crowned, Lost Royal (03) by Eva Blackwing

Fae Crowned, Lost Royal (03) by Eva Blackwing | 300.04 KB
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Title: Fae- Crowned
Author: Eva Blackwing

Mor and her mates are in for the fight of their lives.

Atreyu has been kidnapped and Mor will stop at nothing to get him back. On top of that, Boris Thornheart has surrounded the castle and conscripted the Fae of Water and Fire. Mor must save Atreyu and find a way to free the conscripted Fae.

Mor’s power is growing and she must learn to control it, or all will be lost. Will they be able to rescue Atreyu and the conscripted Fae? Mor and her mates will test their limits and stop at nothing to save the magic realms. But will it be enough?

Contains mature themes.



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