Bhardwaj A Biogenic Wastes-Enabled Nanomaterial Synthesis Applications 2024

Bhardwaj A Biogenic Wastes-Enabled Nanomaterial Synthesis Applications 2024 | 9.9 MB
401 Pages

Title: Biogenic Wastes-Enabled Nanomaterial Synthesis
Author: Abhishek Kumar Bhardwaj (Editor), Arun Lal Srivastav (Editor), Swapnil Rai (Editor)

This book encompasses the knowledge about diverse types of advanced functional nanomaterial development using biogenic materials and associated applications along with various types of waste materials. Biomass generated from different industries has been long identified as major organic waste and it is a one of the major sources of contamination in the environment. This book will provide the global scenarios of low-cost biogenic materials and their suitability, pretreatment, and the ways to synthesize different kinds of nanomaterials (NMs) including carbonaceous, organic, inorganic and polymeric methods. The quantitative and qualitative characterization and applications of NMs will also be discussed in this book along with scientific and technical knowledge to manage suitable waste materials for NMs synthesis. Significant gaps and similarities between chemical synthesis and green synthesis along with their mechanism will be covered in detail as a point of comparison. The book will also contain the information on the need of policies required for waste management and option for their utilization along with the sources of their generation.
The book also contains latest broad aspects of both practical and theoretical fabrication of metal NPs using biogenic waste materials. An emphasis has been made on the recent research related to advance NPs and their application. This book will be useful for undergraduate students, teachers, engineers and researchers, especially those working in areas of environmental science, material science, physical science, biotechnology, biochemistry and microbiology.


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