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The Complete Series 1 & 2 of the BBC radio sitcom about an artists’ colony in Cornwall
Set in the Cornish cultural mecca of St Ives, Artists centres around a close-knit community of artists whose talent is matched only by their dysfunctionality. When they’re not bitching about each other’s work, they’re bickering with one anothebut as genius goes hand-in-hand with an artistic temperament, they never take their squabbles too seriously.
Sharing a studio with landscape painter Tamsin are sculptor Dolores, who pushes the boundaries of papier mach√©; her bank manager partner, Nisha; and laissez-faire installationist Josef, Tamsin’s lodger and sort-of boyfriend. Along with pub landlord Marcus, who provides inspiration in alcoholic form, and Tamsin’s avuncular agent Gerard, they spend their time searching for their muse, suffering for their art – and making a thorough exhibition of themselves.
In these 10 episodes, Tamsin competes with Josef to create a self-portrait, Marcus goes away for a weekend to save his marriage, Nisha proposes to Dolorehypothetically, and Gerard takes a cross-Channel booze cruise that almost ends in tragedy…
Written by award-winning radio producer Gareth Edwards, whose credits include That Mitchell and Webb Look and Bleak Expectations, this slow-burning, character-driven comedy features a stellar cast including Vicki Pepperdine, Pauline McLynn, Mina Anwar, Ben Miller, Dave Lamb and Graham Crowden, with guest appearances from Miranda Hart and Bertie Carvel.
Production credits
Written by Gareth Edwards
Script editor: Paul Mayhew-Archer
Produced by Katie Tyrrell
Tamsin – Vicki Pepperdlne
DolorePauline McLynn
Gerard – Graham Crowden
NishMina Anwar
Josef – Ben Miller
MarcuDave Lamb
JakDean Johnston
Lindy – Maria Liberos
Couple in art gallery – Stephen Critchlow & Caroline Johnson
Ewan – Giles New
PippMiranda Hart
Best Man/ClivBertie Carvel
CressidRaquel Cassidy
CharlottPhyllida Hewat
SaJulia Morris
Lesley/Weinberg – John Rowe
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 26March-30 April 2003 (Series 1), 21 April-12 May 2004 (Series 2)
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