SAS Bravo Three Zero by Damien Lewis

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Title: SAS Bravo Three Zero: The Explosive Untold Story
Author: Damien Lewis, Des Powell

The untold story of an elite SAS patrol behind enemy lines during the Persian Gulf War is vividly revealed in this gripping chronicle.
Iraq, January, 1991. Three patrols-Bravo One Zero, Bravo Two Zero, and Bravo Three Zero-were flown deep behind enemy lines to hunt down Saddam’s Scud missiles, the use of which threatened a third World War. The men of Bravo One Zero saw the flat desert devoid of cover and decided not to deploy. When Andy McNab’s famed Bravo Two Zero patrol did deploy, the results were tragic-all but one was captured or killed.
Then there was Bravo Three Zero. Deploying despite the lack of cover, they could make a dash for the border if desperate. Even as warnings came in that McNab’s patrol was on the run, Bravo Three Zero continued undetected-becoming the Coalition forces furthest behind Iraqi lines and taking out a string of targets along the way. But with the desert turning bitter and snow starting to fall, they were forced to fight a running battle against the elements as much as the adversary.
The achievements of the highly decorated Bravo Three Zero are the stuff of elite forces legend. Now, for the first time, SAS veteran Des Powell reveals their story in gritty, blow-by-blow detail. Written alongside acclaimed military author Damien Lewis, this is a tale of daring deep inside enemy lands.


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