Old Girls Behaving Badly by Kate Galley

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Title: Old Girls Behaving Badly
Author: Kate Galley

A delightfully heartwarming and funny story that proves it’s never too late to change the habits of a lifetime, perfect for fans of Judy Leigh, Hazel Prior and Maddie Please.
Something old, something new, something stolen…?
Gina Knight is looking forward to the prospect of retirement with her husband of forty-three years. Until, to her surprise, said husband decides he needs to ‘find himself’ – alone – and disappears to Santa Fe, leaving a Dear John letter in his wake.
Now Gina needs a new role in life, not to mention somewhere to live, so she applies for the position of Companion to elderly Dorothy Reed. At eighty-nine, ‘Dot’ needs someone to help her around the house – or at least, her family seems to think so. Her companion’s first role would be to accompany Dot for a week-long extravagant wedding party.
But when Georgina arrives at the large Norfolk estate where the wedding will take place, she quickly discovers Dot has an ulterior motive for hiring her. While the other guests are busy sipping champagne and playing croquet, Dot needs Georgina to help her solve a mystery – about a missing painting, which she believes is hidden somewhere in the house.
Because, after all, who would suspect two old ladies of getting up to mischief?
**Praise for Kate Galley’s books: **
‘An uplifting, positive story… Eat Pray Love for the older generation’ Judy Leigh
‘I thoroughly enjoyed this poignant and heartwarming debut!’ Fiona Gibson
Sad, funny and uplifting. I really think we need a sequel to this one!’, NetGalley Reviewer
Wonderful story about friendships, second chances, and what ultimately can make life feel worth living’, NetGalley Reviewer *****
‘Wonderfully fluent and evocative writing, complemented this beautifully textured, fast-paced, multi-layered storyline… This story was definitely one of a kind’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
‘What a brilliant debut novel from Kate Galley’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
Uplifting and joyous, I didn’t want to turn the last page. I can’t wait to read more from Kate Galley’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
I loved this book! **I wouldn’t have thought it was a debut novel, it was so well-written. I loved the author’s style and also the pace of the story’, NetGalley Reviewer, ***
The perfect holiday read! I’ll be looking for more books by Kate Galley in the future’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
‘Really refreshing… A very enjoyable read’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
‘What an utterly adorable book! I was totally invested…. Highly recommended’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****
‘What a fantastic book!…I didn’t want to put down… The ending was perfect and made me cry’, NetGalley Reviewer, *****



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