Time Is Now A Journey into Demystifying AI by Raj Verma

Time Is Now A Journey into Demystifying AI by Raj Verma | 2 MB
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Title: Time is Now: A Journey Into Demystifying AI
Author: Raj Verma

How can leaders adapt to the rapid change of technology’s impact on business? How can AI be leveraged for more intelligent decision making? Can our choices be simultaneously good for business and the world? This book provides leaders with the first steps to answer these important questions.
For over thirty years, technology has become more interwoven with both our professional and personal lives. In the future, the integration of tech, business, and life will become even more seamless. With the current exponential growth of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, business leaders must learn how to adapt their decision making to look beyond short-term profits and create insight for long-term impact and growth.
In Time is Now: A Journey into Demystifying AI, Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore, takes readers on an insightful journey to not only demystify emerging tech like AI but to demystify how today’s leader must make decisions. Through engaging storytelling and relevant examples, Verma shares the lessons from his personal and professional life to glean timeless and universal lessons.
At the crux of this journey, is the power of Now, which Verma defines as a convergence of Information, Context, and Choice:

  • Information is data, the collection of memory which shapes our identity.
  • Context is the analysis of all information in the present.
  • Choice is focused on the future, approached with courage and conscience.
    From these three pillars of Now, we write our future-for better or worse. As the speed of Real Time increases, so will the consequences of our decisions. In the explosion of AI, leaders have a responsibility to learn before they act. We must wield the tools available with the insight that our decisions will impact the world for generations to come. Doing so will require both great courage and conscience. It cannot wait. The time is Now.



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