The Gentleman Burglar by Sam Siciliano

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Title: The Gentleman Burglar
Author: Sam Siciliano

A daring and delightful crossover of Sherlock Holmes and his criminal adversity: Arsène Lupin, the Gentleman Burglar. These superb sleuths will solve intricate riddles and journey across France and beyond to uncover the long-lost treasure of the House of Bourbon.
Sherlock Holmes and his cousin, Vernier, have been hired by the Baron of Creuse to find the legendary lost treasure of the kings of France.
Trekking from La Belle Époque Paris to a chateau in the rural center of France, Holmes, Vernier and a new companion must employ all their wit to solve the fiendishly difficult puzzle of the Hollow Needle. After deciphering the meaning of the phrase ” st. s. 138″ and decoding a mysterious document,they realize the answer lies to the north in Normandy near the town of Étretat. Together, they follow a long-buried path to an ancient secret, but fresh mysteries and new complications immediately arise.
But other forces are at work, and jealous hands seek to interfere with Holmes’s work. He must team up with the notorious gentleman-burglar, Arsène Lupin, if he is to find the treasure and avert an international disaster at sea.

"This clever mystery is further proof that Siciliano is one of the best contemporary pasticheurs." – Publishers Weekly starred review (on The Venerable Tiger ).
"The spirit and tone of the classic Holmes adventures are alive and well in this instalment. If you are a Holmes fan looking for some new adventures with the Great Detective, The Venerable Tiger is one to pick up!" – The Crime Review (on The Venerable Tiger ).
"The tone is Holmesian to the last detail, with the reader swept along to a satisfying ending. A fine addition to the Holmes canon." – Library Journal
"Siciliano’s tale. is wonderfully atmospheric and moves briskly." – Publishers Weekly
"The [familiar] tale seems fresher and deeper, thanks both to the invigorating presence of Holmes and Vernier and to the wealth of marvellous detail, especially on the Paris Opera House itself." – Booklist (on The Angel of the Opera ). –This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Author
Sam Siciliano is the author of several novels, including the Sherlock Holmes titles The Angel of the Opera, The Web Weaver, The Grimswell Curse and The White Worm. He lives in Vancouver, Washington. –This text refers to the paperback edition.


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