Outposts of Diplomacy A History of the Embassy by G R Berridge

Outposts of Diplomacy A History of the Embassy by G R Berridge | 9.57 MB
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Title: Outposts of Diplomacy: A History of the Embassy
Author: G. R. Berridge

A profusely illustrated history of the diplomatic embassy, from antiquity to today.
This compelling history traces the evolution of the embassy, from its ancient origins to its enduring presence in the modern world. Beginning with its precursors in antiquity, the book explores the embassy’s emergence on the cusp of the Italian Renaissance, its pinnacle during the nineteenth century, and its navigation through the challenges of twentieth-century conference diplomacy. G. R. Berridge investigates how this European institution adapted its staffing, architecture, and communication methods to changing international landscapes, including the tumultuous wars of religion and encounters in the Far East. He also describes the expansion of the embassy’s responsibilities, such as providing diplomatic cover for intelligence operations. Infused with vibrant anecdotes of remarkable individuals and the creation of influential family dynasties, and illustrated throughout, this book offers a fascinating exploration of the embassy’s rich history.

"Berridge provides a broad overview of diplomacy’s cornerstone-the resident embassy. . . . This will appeal to political history buffs." ― Publishers Weekly
"This study of resident embassies by one of the world’s leading academic experts on diplomacy is not only lucid in style and based on a thorough knowledge of the subject, but rich in detail and highly impressive for its historical and geographical sweep." — John W. Young, professor emeritus in history, University of Nottingham
"A comprehensive, beautifully paced and entertaining account of the permanent diplomatic mission, its origins in Western Europe, its adoption by states in other parts of the world, and its resilience in the face of a variety of technical, social and political challenges from the nineteenth century onwards. As Berridge persuasively argues, embassies remain essential to the effective conduct of international relations, especially in difficult times such as the one the world is currently facing." — Paul Sharp, professor of political science, University of Minnesota
"Many times thought likely to disappear, the Embassy is still here! In this book Berridge condenses his masterful knowledge to offer us a vivid journey into the life of the smartest invention ever created to export sovereignty and to link peoples across the world." — Arianna Arisi Rota, professor of contemporary history, University of Pavia
" Outposts of Diplomacy brings to life a unique history of British and European diplomatic missions in foreign countries, and the varied diplomatic forms used by countries and regions. With deep insight, Berridge simplifies complexities in a manner that is fluid and fun to read. This book should inspire more writing in this genre, especially by scholars from the Global South." — Kishan S. Rana, former Indian Ambassador and professor emeritus, DiploFoundation, Malta and Geneva
" Outposts of Diplomacy emerges as a masterful exploration in the field of diplomatic studies. Berridge skillfully intertwines historical depth with engaging narratives, tracing the evolution of the resident embassy from its fifteenth-century roots to its pivotal role in contemporary international relations. The book brilliantly showcases how these institutions have shaped, and been shaped by, the human stories behind the formal facades. This insightful journey not only illuminates the strategic importance of embassies in shaping foreign policy but also makes it deeply relatable to anyone interested in understanding the personal dynamics at play in global diplomacy." — Marcus Holmes, professor of government, William & Mary

About the Author
G. R. Berridge is professor emeritus of international politics at the University of Leicester and a senior fellow of the Geneva-based DiploFoundation. He was associate editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , to which he still contributes, and his most recent book is the sixth edition of Diplomacy: Theory and Practice.



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