The Death of Truth by Steven Brill

The Death of Truth by Steven Brill | 9.75 MB
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Title: The Death of Truth
Author: Steven Brill

How did we become a world where facts-shared truths-have lost their power to hold us together as a community, as a country, globally? How have we allowed the proliferation of alternative facts, hoaxes, even conspiracy theories, to destroy our trust in institutions, leaders, and legitimate experts? Best-selling journalist Steven Brill documents the forces and people, from Silicon Valley to Madison Avenue to Moscow to Washington, that have created and exploited this world of chaos and division-and offers practical solutions for what we can do about it.
"A precise description of the punishment cell we have built around our minds and the first few steps back towards light and air." -Timothy Snyder, Author of On Tyranny and Professor of History, Yale University
“A seminal, ground-breaking, documented and honest examination of two of the central dilemmas of our time-what is…


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