Chen M Advanced Soft Electronics in Biomedical Engineering 2025

Chen M Advanced Soft Electronics in Biomedical Engineering 2025 | 22.39 MB
272 Pages

Title: Advanced Soft Electronics in Biomedical Engineering; Materials, Manufactures, and Applications
Author: Edited by Mengxiao Chen

The book presents the latest advances in soft electronics in biomedical engineering and its potential applications in various biomedical fields.
The contributors provide comprehensive coverage of how soft electronics are used in diagnostics and monitoring, medical therapy, neural engineering, and wearable and implantable systems. In particular, some emerging research areas such as advanced soft robotics, fiber sensing technologies, and power optimization strategies are explored. In addition, the book highlights international standardization activities in wearable technologies and implantable bioelectronics.
The book will benefit researchers, engineers, and advanced students in biomedical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and materials science.


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