Weird Tales Magazine No 368 Occult Detective Issue

Weird Tales Magazine No 368 Occult Detective Issue | 16.61 MB
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Title: Weird Tales Magazine No. 368
Author: Jonathan Maberry

Weird Tales magazine is known for launching a number of sub-genres of fiction-cosmic horror, swords & sorcery, dark fantasy, and others. It has also greatly added to existing genres like science fiction, horror, and-a personal favorite of editor Jonathan Maberry-weird mystery stories. Or, as they became known-occult detective tales. Here are all-original tales about people who peer into the shadows in order to solve a mystery. Sometimes successfully … and sometimes the darkness wins. The stories range from nail-biting horror to very dark comedy, and there’s a generous mix of short stories, flash fiction (shorter works of about 1500 words), and poems. The lineup is killer, as you’ll discover, and the interpretations of what constitutes "occult fiction" is unique to each writer.
"The Eyrie" by Jonathan Maberry"Dead Jack and the Mystery of Room 216" by James Aquilone"Beneath the Scarred Pulpit" by Kenneth W. Cain"Denizen of Deep Holler" by…


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