Mexico in Your Kitchen by Mely Martínez

Mexico in Your Kitchen by Mely Martínez | 20.59 MB
192 Pages

Title: Mexico in Your Kitchen
Author: Mely Martínez

Enjoy traditional Mexican recipes from the best-selling author of The Mexican Home Kitchen in a cookbook that will remind you of home and expand your culinary repertoire.
Mely Martínez is the go-to source for those looking for authentic Mexican cooking, and in thisfollow-up to her best-selling cookbook, The Mexican Home Kitchen, she shares even more favorites, including breakfasts, antojitos (street food), and breads, along with soups, main dishes, sides, salsas, desserts, and drinks. Mexico in Your Kitchen compiles over 95 traditional dishes enjoyed every day in Mexico, from those beloved all over the country to regional specialties. And now you can make these popular comfort foods for your family and friends.
Specialized for the home cook, Mexico in Your Kitchen includes a varied collection of easy-to-follow recipes filled with accessible and fresh…


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