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The APU Dynamics Optimizer is a dynamics optimization tool designed to support modern loudness types (LUFS, True Peak). Underneath the hood, the optimizer uses the same compression engine as the APU Loudness Compressor, but benefits from the full audio waveform instead of real-time measurements. This allows the gain envelope to be meticulously optimized across the entire waveform.

The design of this tool allows you to very precisely target a specific average LUFS and dynamic range. Once the gain envelope has been optimized, you can playback the result in real-time while adjusting the character of the sound with the same collection of parameters from the compressor plug-in.

When you first open an audio file, the optimizer will analyze the audio file’s loudness timeline. You’ll then be presented with a pair of histograms. On the left, you’ll see the audio file’s current loudness distribution. On the right, you’ll see a target distribution. The optimizer’s job is to dynamically compress and expand the audio throughout the entire audio file strategically to match the target distribution.

Before continuing to the next step, you can make adjustments to the source percentiles. This allows you to exclude any unwanted audio from the optimization process. By default, the percentiles are set to match the LRA standard from LUFS. This generally does a good job capturing the main body of the audio.

Once you’re happy with the source percentile range, you can then press the right arrow to continue to the next step.

Once optimization is complete, you can play the result in real-time while adjusting the character of the sound with the same collection of parameters from the compressor plug-in. Use the play/stop buttons and seek slider to navigate the audio while making any adjustments you’d like.

Once you’re happy with the result, you can export the optimized audio to a new file. This file is always stored with the same samplerate as the original audio, using 32-bit floating point wave format. This ensures the highest quality audio is preserved. This format also allows samples over 0 dBFS, which ensures no clipping occurs.

You can listen and export with or without limiting. The built-in limiter can be configured in the Limiter tab, or you can bypass the limiter entirely and use your own external limiter after export.

Dynamics shaping
The dynamics optimizer allows you to reshape the full dynamics spectrum of your audio file. You can choose between Uniform or Normal distribution, with the ability to skew the latter toward the top or bottom of the distribution. This allows you to shape the dynamics of your audio in a variety of ways. The optimizer takes this information and uses it to make many tiny adjustments to the compress/expand ratio over time. Something you’d never be able to do with a traditional compressor.

The optimizer can be configured to use the following distribution types

Uniform distribution type is a flat distribution across the entire loudness range. This is a good starting point for most audio files, as it doesn’t favor any particular loudness range. The result is an extremely balance loudness profile.

Normal distribution type is a bell curve distribution which can be skewed toward the top or bottom of the distribution. This allows you to dial in a very particular shape of your choosing, whether it’s to more closely match the original audio or for creative effect.

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