Pixelmania NNSuperResolution v3.4.4 for Nuke 15

Pixelmania NNSuperResolution v3.4.4 for Nuke 15 | Size: 765.77 MB
Language: English

NNSuperResolution is a 2x/4x resolution upscale plugin for Foundry’s Nuke. Enjoy being able to, directly in your composite, upscale photographed/plate material and sequences to a much higher resolution.

Upscale with a factor of 2x or 4x.
Sequence mode for upscaling image sequences like filmed source plates, final composites, CG renders etc.
Still mode for upscaling photos and other still material like DMP patches, textures etc.
Processes all the RGB channels of an input image (support for multiple layers, i.e. you can feed multiple layers through the plugin at the same time using Nuke’s native multichannel/layer system).
CG upscale solution in sequence mode that is capable of upscaling RGBA images (i.e. 3D renders).
High dynamic range upscaling.
Native overscan handling (i.e. it handles larger bounding boxes than the image frame/format). Please note that the bounding boxes can’t be animated in sequence mode, i.e. it can’t be different from frame to frame.
GPU accelerated using CUDA by NVIDIA (requires a NVIDIA graphics card).
Internal stitching of several inference/image patches (to be able to upscale high resolution images without having that much VRAM available on the GPU).

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Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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