Pixelmania NNFlowVector v2.2.1 for Nuke 15

Pixelmania NNFlowVector v2.2.1 for Nuke 15 | Size: 487.17 MB
Language: English

NNFlowVector is an optical flow plugin for Foundry’s Nuke. It’s using state of the art AI/deep learning technology to produce really accurate motion vectors.

Produce high quality motion vectors (“forward” and “backward” layers that together make up the “motion” layer in Nuke).
Produce high quality smart vectors, to be able to use the output with NukeX’s powerful nodes like VectorDistort, VectorCornerPin and GridWarpTracker. (This feature requires a licensed version of NNFlowVector).
Native overscan handling (i.e. it handles larger bounding boxes than the image frame/format). Please note that the bounding boxes can’t be animated, i.e. it can’t be different from frame to frame.
GPU accelerated using CUDA by NVIDIA (requires a NVIDIA graphics card).
Internal stitching of several inference/image patches (to be able to process high resolution images to produce the motion vectors without having that much VRAM available on the GPU).

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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