Ehrlich R Hunting the Faster than Light Tachyon, 2022

Ehrlich R Hunting the Faster than Light Tachyon, 2022 | 15.05 MB
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Title: Hunting the Faster than Light Tachyon, and Finding Three Unicorns and a Herd of Elephants
Author: Robert Ehrlich

In 1905, Albert Einstein declared speeds greater than light to be impossible. This book describes the author’s decades-long search for the hypothetical subatomic particles known as tachyons that violate this principle.
This book is a scientific detective story. The crime is speeding-that is, the possible breaking of the cosmic speed limit, namely the speed of light, as stipulated by Einstein. This detective story is also a memoir written by a member of a band of "tachyon hunters." The author’s pursuit of tachyons has been met with skepticism from most physicists, who note correctly that no such superluminal particles have ever been surely observed and that there have been many false sightings. Nevertheless, considerable circumstantial evidence for tachyons has already been published and an ongoing experiment could decide the issue in the next few years.
This book is written for the general reader, containing humor and eliminating jargon whenever possible, and will also be of interest to scientists. The hunt for the tachyon will fascinate all readers who approach the study of physics with curious and open minds.


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