Carruthers A Tuning the Snowflake Data Cloud Optimizing Your Data 2024

Carruthers A Tuning the Snowflake Data Cloud Optimizing Your Data 2024 | 28.98 MB
337 Pages

Title: Tuning the Snowflake Data Cloud
Author: Andrew Carruthers

This project-oriented book presents a hands-on approach to identifying migration and performance issues with experience drawn from real-world examples. As you work through the book, you will develop skills, knowledge, and deep understanding of Snowflake tuning options and capabilities while preparing for later incorporation of additional Snowflake features as they become available. Your Snowflake platform will cost less to run and will improve your customer experience. Written by a seasoned Snowflake practitioner, this book is full of practical, hands-on guidance and advice specifically designed to further accelerate your Snowflake journey.
Tuning the Snowflake Data Cloud provides you a pathway to success by equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to elevate your Snowflake experience. The book shows you how to leverage what you already know, adds what you don’t, and helps you apply it toward delivering for your Snowflake accounts. Read this book to embark on a voyage of advancement and equip your organization to deliver consistent Snowflake performance.
What You Will Learn

  • Recognize and understand the root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Know how to resolve performance issues
  • Develop a deep understanding of Snowflake performance tuning options
  • Reduce expensive mistakes, remediate poorly performing code
  • Manage Snowflake costs


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