Altair PSIM 2024.0 (x64)

Altair PSIM 2024.0 (x64) | Size: 802.64 MB
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Accelerating power electronics and motor drive design
PSIM has been a leading power electronics and motor drive simulation and design software for over 25 years. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a robust simulation engine, PSIM is the all-in-one solution that meets users’ simulation and design needs.

PSIM can handle quick power converter loss calculations, motor drive efficiency calculations, conducted EMI analysis, and analog/digital control. PSIM also offers automatic embedded code generation for rapid control prototyping. Additionally, with PSIM’s various Design Suites, users can design power supplies, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, and motor drive systems quickly and conveniently.

PSIM also integrates seamlessly with other Altair products (Twin Activate, Embed, Flux/FluxMotor, MotionSolve) and with third-party software, and offers an integrated solution for multi-domain, multi-physics systems.

Dedicated to Power Electronics and Motor Drives
PSIM is specifically designed for power electronics and motor drive applications.

Superior Simulation Capabilities
PSIM’s unique ability to reliably converge means users can spend more time performing simulations and less time fixing simulations.

Robust Design Tools and Suites
PSIM provides design suites for power supplies (including resonant LLC converters), motor drives, EMI analysis and filter design, and HEV powertrain systems for rapid design solutions.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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