Ahad A Computer Vision Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities 2025

Ahad A Computer Vision Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities 2025 | 51.72 MB
359 Pages

Title: Computer Vision: Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities
Author: Md Atiqur Rahman Ahad

Computer vision has made enormous progress in recent years, and its applications are multifaceted and growing quickly, while many challenges still remain. This book brings together a range of leading researchers to examine a wide variety of challenges and prospects for computer vision and its applications.
The book highlights various core challenges, constructive criticism, and solutions by leading researchers in the field. The book covers important topics including as data-driven AI, R&D in industry perspective, biometrics, digital forensics, healthcare, robotics, entertainment and XR, autonomous driving, sports analytics, and neuromorphic computing. Providing a mix of breadth and depth, the book will have an impact across the fields of computer vision, imaging, and AI.
Computer Vision: Challenges, Trends and Opportunities covers timely and important aspects of computer vision and its applications, highlighting the challenges ahead and providing a range of perspectives, from top researchers around the world. A substantial compilation of ideas and state-of-the-art solutions, it will be of great benefit to students, researchers, and industry practitioners.



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