Murder at the Blueberry Festival by Darci Hannah

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Title: Murder at the Blueberry Festival
Author: Darci Hannah
Year: 2022

Living in a lighthouse with her dog, Lindsey Bakewell is lulled to sleep at night by the sound of Lake Michigan’s waves-and gets up at the crack of dawn to start the day at her bakery cafĂ©. But someone in Beacon Harbor is about to rock the boat with murder . . .

After a career on Wall Street, Lindsey is making a different kind of dough in a pretty lakeside village, and the upcoming blueberry festival-including the pie-eating contest her bakery is hosting-is the highlight of the summer. But soon Beacon Harbor runs into a patch of trouble.

A local real estate agent gets pranked. A parade float gets pelted with water balloons. It’s all laughed off until the stunts start escalating-and looking more like sabotage. As the event turns into a debacle complete with rampaging goats, Lindsey’s sweetheart, a former SEAL, starts investigating. But the juicy mystery takes a bitter turn when a man-dressed up as a…


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