I Love Russia Reporting from a Lost Country by Elena Kostyuchenko

I Love Russia Reporting from a Lost Country by Elena Kostyuchenko | 1.97 MB
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Title: I Love Russia
Author: Bela Shayevich, Ilona Yazhbin Chavasse, Elena Kostyuchenko
Year: 2023

“A haunting book of rare courage. Kostyuchenko’s searing reportage takes the reader under the skin of a Russia that few outsiders get to see. With spare, unflinching prose she lays bare the cynicism and corruption, but also the bravery and heart, of her beloved country.” -Clarissa Ward, CNN chief international correspondent and author of On All Fronts
A fearless, cutting portrait of Russia and an essential cri de coeur for journalism in opposition to the global authoritarian turn

To be a journalist is to tell the truth. I Love Russia is Elena Kostyuchenko’s unrelenting attempt to document her country as experienced by those whom it systematically and brutally erases: village girls recruited into sex work, queer people in the outer provinces, patients and doctors at a Ukrainian maternity ward, and reporters like herself.
Here is Russia as it is, not as we imagine it. The result is a singular portrait of a nation,…



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