The Subversive Seventies by Michael Hardt

The Subversive Seventies by Michael Hardt | 14.05 MB
English | 320 Pages

Title: The Subversive Seventies
Author: Michael Hardt
Year: 2023

A thought-provoking reconsideration of how the revolutionary movements of the 1970s set the mold for today’s activism. The 1970s was a decade of "subversives". Faced with various progressive and revolutionary social movements, the forces of order-politicians, law enforcement, journalists, and conservative intellectuals-saw subversives everywhere. From indigenous peasant armies and gay liberation organizations, to anti-nuclear activists and Black liberation militants, subversives challenged authority, laid siege to the established order, and undermined time-honored ways of life. Every corner of the left was fertile ground for subversive elements, which the forces of order had to root out and destroy-a project they pursued with zeal and brutality. In The Subversive Seventies, Michael Hardt sets out to show that popular understandings of the political movements of the seventies-often seen as fractious, violent, and largely…


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