Pixarra Pixel Studio 5.06

Pixarra Pixel Studio 5.06 | Size: 38.98 MB
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Pixel Studio follows the key strong points from all the of the Pixarra TwistedBrush artist software products but with a focus on pixel art. This art, sometimes called retro, makes no attempt to hide pixels and sizes of images are often very small. Useful as utility for creating icons, sprites, and other small images for games and websites but also for art on its own. There is no surprise that pixel art is popular, it is simply fun!

New Features
– Specialized ArtSet for Pixel Art
– 5 user ArtSets that can hold up to 60 brushes each
– Wide Brush Variety
– Symmetry Option
– Supported Layers
– Tracing Paper Support
– Powerful Brush Effects System and More!

Powerful Pixel Art Editing
The user interface of Pixel Studio is designed for efficiency and elegance. Power of over a decade of development in the TwistedBrush product line brought to focus on the single task of pixel art.

Specialized ArtSet for Pixel Art
TwistedBrush has always been known for its powerful and vast collection of brushes. The same is true for Pixel Studio. The program includes a collection of brushes designed just for pixel art.

Brush Variety
Choices are important in pixel art as in any art. Here are a few pixel drawing brushes

1. Pure pixel brush. Solid pixels are panted everywhere the cursor goes. This is a dab placement brush. Rather than drawing a line, a square or circle are drawn.
2. Anti-alias pure pixel. Same as previous but the pixels edges are smoothed.
3. Pixel brush that draws as a connected line. This is a straight line brush, solid and anti-aliased.

A remembered powerful brush in Pixel Studio is the auto mask fill brush. Draw pixels within an enclosed area without worrying about going outside of the lines. Even change colors and your area is remembered because a mask is magically created for you behind the scenes.

Quick Access Panels
The Color Management panel and the Brush Shortcut Panel are two panels you will use a lot. All the panels in Pixel Studio will automatically hide if they get in your way while painting. Manually hiding all panels is also possible with the F3 hotkey.

Quick Command Panel
The Quick Command panel gives you a configurable array of buttons you can keep close at hand while working. Resize and reshape the panel to your needs. Add, remove and move buttons to create the layout that works best for you. Quickly show or hide the panel with the[F4] hotkey. Right click to edit a button or add one to an empty slot.[Ctrl] + click to drag a button to a new location. As an added bonus there is some functionality exposed in the Quick Command panel that isn’t available anywhere else in Pixel Studio.

Powerful Brush Effects System
Since User ArtSets are available you might be thinking where will you get new brushes from. There are a number of ways, user shared brushes in the Pixarra forum, brushes imported from Pro Studio, OR now you can edit brushes right in Luminance Studio with the powerful Brush Effects system from Pro Studio. First an IMPORTANT NOTE: Editing brushes is NOT an easy task. There are over 500 different effects that can be combined in 28 effect layers with each effect processed with 100’s of modifiers. I think it’s safe to say the Pixarra brush effects system makes for the most powerful brush engine in existence. Evidenced in the ability to draw simple lines or fully detailed tree with the same engine with a single stroke as can be seen in Tree Studio.

One of the common ways to use the Brush Effects panel is to tweak existing brushes in small ways to meet your needs and you can do this right in Pixel Studio and save them to the User ArtSets.

Easy access support for layers are in Pixel Studio. The idea is to keep your work flow simple and fast. A simple single click to create a layer with no scrolling. Right click a layer for additional options. Drag layers to rearrange them.

Other Features
– 64 bit color painting system for the smoothest blends available anywhere.
– World’s most powerful and flexible brush engine with the Pixarra brush effects system
– Automatic saving multiple copies of your work in progress.
– Brush compatibility with other Pixarra Studio products.
– Tracing paper to use as a guide.
– Up to 9 floating reference Image panels to hold reference photos when working on your art.
– Sketchbook system that automatically saves your work to your sketchbook.
– Switching pages in your book with a single key press (Page Up or Page Down)
– Saving your work to a range of standard image formats.
– Work with symmetry with all the standard Pixel Studio brushes.
– And many more features!

What’s New
– Added: Brush effect envelopes pctvar1 – pctvar10 added.
– Added: Ability to hide/show individual sections for the UI panels, exposed in the View menu, Quick Command panel and hot keys!
– Added: Webp image format support added for saving and loading.
– Added: Insert Before Page and Insert After Page options added to Page Explorer.
– Added: Option to create a reference image from clipboard contents. Found in Edit menu.
– Added: Brush effects VM Fade In and VM Fade Out added
– Added: Brush effects VM Peak, VM Wave, VW Saw1, VW Saw2 and VM Square added
– Added: Brush effects VM Peak Repeat, VM Wave Repeat, VW Saw1 Repeat, VW Saw2 Repeat and VM Square Repeat added
– Added: Brush effect Fitler Until added
– Added: Brush effect pEmit Gate added
– Added: Randomize Brush menu added to Brush top level menu
– Improved: Suppport the longer form extension for JPEG files, .jpeg.
– Improved: Added page width and height to the main application title bar.
– Improved: Added keyboard shortcut keys to the Page Explorer menus.
– Improved: The layer mix mode dropdown list stays open now after selecting a layer mix mode.
– Improved: Formatting cleanup of the Tool options panel.
– Improved: Brush effect pEmit Dir (and related effects) have a more consistent starting angle
– Improved: The Rnd Brh Quick Command button now triggers the random brush generation that is tied to the Brush Control panel
– Improved: The brush effect, Dab Move Pos now will not draw on mouse up events
– Fixed: Spac Cen Pro brush effect leads to brush envelopes not properly working for that brush.
– Fixed: Loading a PNG with transparency not updating the layers panel properly.
– Fixed: The page scroll in Page Explorer is skipping 3 pages of images, it should skip to the next page.
– Fixed: PSD loading and saving isn’t working in some cases.
– Fixed: Formatting issues on many popup message boxes.
– Fixed: At start the tool options panel was displaying when it should not.
– Fixed: Resize Image dialog not defaulting to an algorithm.
– Fixed: Brush filters not setting default values in the filter dialog.
– Fixed: Lua based filters not working correctly for brush filters.
– Fixed: Slider position not tracking properly
– Fixed: Randomize feature in Brush Control is not considering the range of the slider properly
– Fixed: When saving Pixel Art to file, it too large to save the program will no longer re-draw the canvas.
– Fixed: Saving Pixel Art to file could result in a crash.

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