KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL Pro 1.2.2

KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL Pro 1.2.2 | Size: 3.78 MB
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Keeping two or more databases in sync might seem like a challenge but a dedicated application such as KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL can be of great help in this case. As its name suggests, it is specifically designed for PostgreSQL databases, allowing you to synchronize and compare both schemas and data.

Side-by-side comparison of two PostgreSQL databases
Smartly enough, the layout of the main GUI is designed to facilitate side-by-side comparison between two databases. You can easily set up new database connections for each of the two panels and KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL connects to PostgreSQL and starts populating the tables with objects, while also displaying totals, new and changed items in the database schema.

A data changes summary can be shown for tables and views, and table schemas can be handled as well. KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL displays all the data differences, showing both new and changed items. Moreover, records in tables can be compared and changes can be merged without a lot of hassle.

Compare schemas and data in PostgreSQL databases
In essence, KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL can compare schema and data in two different PostgreSQL databases. It can compare both schemas and programming objects, such as tables, views, procedures, functions and sequences.

Data can be compared to find differences across multiple tables and views. Moreover, you get to apply filters to reveal all the new and changed items and merge the modifications in both directions.

Synchronize PostgreSQL databases without effort
Monitoring and syncing changes in two PostgreSQL databases becomes a matter of a few clicks with a tool such as KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL. Not only that it allows you to view modifications, but it also makes it easier to merge and compare records for a given table. Being able to explore both databases side by side is a plus, turning database syncing into a routine operation.

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