MssqlMerge Pro 1.26.1

MssqlMerge Pro 1.26.1 | Size: 5.05 MB
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MssqlMerge is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly merge two SQL databases, as well as import or export custom tables and data. The application is simple to use and facilitates parallel view, for easy comparison. Moreover, the program supports data differentiation, a process designed to highlight changes within the structures.

Opening the two databases in parallel mode
MssqlMerge features a friendly interface, with a split workspace, which facilitates opening the two databases at the same time and quickly operate within them. The program requires that you connect to the local SQL server and load the desired databases, using the proper authentication.

As soon as the connection is established, a short summary of the database contents is displayed for both projects. The report includes the number of tables, views, stored procedures and functions. Moreover, the program makes the difference between the total number, recently included items and changed entries.

Data merging, export and import functions
The Total, New, Changed options in the toolbar allow you to quickly navigate through the database and observe recently added or modified objects objects. Moreover, you can make custom row/table selections, of items which you wish transferred to either of the databases.

For a simplified and more effective process, the program offers separate functions for data migration from right to left and vice versa. The merge functions can only be used to process the selected objects, since tables are not supported. Before the data import/export is finalized, a confirmation screen is prompted, displaying the SQL merge script that is going to be executed.

Facilitating data differentiation
MssqlMerge allows you to perform data differentiation for the entirety of the records or a specific selection. You can also choose between comparing the total record count and the number of new records in each table or all the listed items (total, new and changed). Additionally, the program features a powerful searching engine.

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