KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite Pro 1.10.2

KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite Pro 1.10.2 | Size: 4.11 MB
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KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite is a software utility that provides a convenient way for you to compare databases and monitor them for changes. Not only that it allows you to explore the content of an SQLite database, but it also helps you identify differences and apply filters to reveal modifications to tables, indexes, triggers and views.

Compare and merge SQLite databases
You can open any two databases in KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite and explore their content side-by-side. The application reveals table definitions, indexes, triggers, views and pragmas for each in a separate panel. Moreover, new application instances can be opened to load new databases.

KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite can compare both database schema and containing data for multiple tables and views. It allows you to check all the modifications that occurred in all the database fields, but you can also configure it to only reveal new elements or new and changed items inside tables and views. In other words, applying filters to see changes or new elements is possible. Changes between databases can be merged to keep them in sync.

Differences between tables are highlighted in KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite. You can compare columns and tables and specify the desired column order. Table definition changes can be synchronized in KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite.

Run SQL queries and export data to Excel
Running SQL queries is a feature of KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite. It is worth mentioning that KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite can avoid key and data column mapping, but it also features options to allow basic or customized key column mapping.

Not only that KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite allows database comparison and viewing, but it also allows you to export data to Microsoft Excel. To put it another way, it can generate Excel reports for object lists, data diff and query result diff.

Compare, sync and merge SQLite databases
KS DB Merge Tools for SQLite comes in handy to those whose database solution of choice is SQLite. It provides a simple, yet handy database comparison, monitoring and merging tool that covers most of the needs when it comes to syncing and merging database changes.

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