De Guise P The Busy IT Manager’s Guide to Data Recovery 2023

De Guise P The Busy IT Manager’s Guide to Data Recovery 2023 | 6.06 MB
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Title: The Busy IT Manager’s Guide to Data Recovery
Author: Preston de Guise
Year: 2023

No IT manager or worker enjoys being woken up the middle of the night over a system fault. But arguably the worst way to be awakened is over a situation where data loss has occurred – and the recovery is going wrong. The Busy IT Manager’s Guide to Data Recovery takes a razor focus on the details IT managers (and their teams) responsible for data recovery and resiliency within their business need to be aware of in the design of robust data protection systems. This book covers key architectural requirements of a data resilient system and the types of technology a business can deploy for data protection that maximises the potential for a successful recovery. With cyber-attacks being a daily challenge for IT and business now, the book also takes an in-depth look at the special considerations companies need to take in order to guarantee the recoverability of data after a destructive cyber event. Regardless of whether your IT infrastructure runs on-premises or in the public cloud, this book gives you the information you need to plan and run a successful data recovery solution that meets your business needs. Preston de Guise has been working with data recovery products for his entire career – designing, implementing, and supporting solutions for governments, universities, and businesses ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. This broad exposure to industry verticals and business sizes has enabled Preston to understand not only the technical requirements of data protection and recovery, but the management and procedural aspects too.


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