BioSolvetIT Seesar 13.0.4 (x64)

BioSolvetIT Seesar 13.0.4 (x64) | Size: 130.19 MB
Language: English

SeeSAR is your intuitive, visual drug design platform. Covering every step of your drug discovery process – from virtual screening to fragment-based design – SeeSAR fosters ideation in the most fun and comprehensive way.

SeeSAR fosters innovation during every step of your drug design process. The app includes all tools vital for handling your compounds and target structures which have been fine-tuned to the needs of any chemist.
Helpful features such as ADME properties assessment, comprehensive color coding, unoccupied binding pocket visualization, and many others, support you in making sound and interactive decisions.
All our tools are based on solid and transparent science cited in over a thousand publications. Follow the button if you want to learn more about the science behind SeeSAR.

Dock, design, and analyze your compound in a flash, with swift and informative calculations.

Evaluate ligand-target interactions by intuitive color codes and gorgeous visualization.

We provide a satisfying on-the-fly drug design experience. No learning curve!

Protein Mode
Drag and drop your protein, or search comfortably in an online database. Within seconds, your target is prepared and you can get started.

Protein Editor Mode
Modify your protein according to your needs. Explore rotamers, introduce mutations, and customize side chains.
binding site mode for target pocket detection

Binding Site Mode
SeeSAR automatically detects the binding site of a ligand for you. In addition, you can precisely expand it by adding individual residues – or with a single click to find empty pockets in your protein.
molecule editor mode for on-the-fly modifications of your compounds

Molecule Editor Mode
Modify molecules to your taste in 2D or 3D on-the-fly. Once you are done, the molecules are directly prepared for your tasks.

analyzer mode for property assessment
Estimate affinities and interpret the results using the visualized HYDE score. Filter your compounds for relevant parameters, calculate ADME properties, and gain full control over ligand-target interactions.

inspirator mode for interesting new structural proposals
Ideate without limits! Discover new scaffolds, explore, and grow into free cavities, or link molecules using fragment libraries for elegant solutions.

docking mode for binding mode predictions
Dock your compounds with one single click! Screen libraries for actives, and instinctively evaluate your results.

Similarity Scanner Mode
Align your compounds without the need of a target structure based on their molecular similarity.

System Requirements
-RAM: 8GB would be good, anything beyond is better.
-CPU: Our tools are not very hungry – yet they profit from multiple CPUs, because they have parallelized algorithms implemented. If in doubt rather choose more slower CPUs than one faster one.
-Graphics: It is important to know that a local graphics card is mandatory for infiniSee and SeeSAR.

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