Anoop V Blockchain for Industry 4 0 Emergence, Challenges, Opportunities 2023

Anoop V Blockchain for Industry 4 0 Emergence, Challenges, Opportunities 2023 | 15.25 MB
English | 325 Pages

Title: Blockchain for Industry 4.0; Emergence, Challenges, and Opportunities
Author: Anoop V. S., Asharaf S.
Year: 2022

This reference text provides the theoretical foundations, the emergence, and the application areas of Blockchain in an easy-to-understand manner that would be highly helpful for the researchers, academicians, and industry professionals to understand the disruptive potentials of Blockchain. It explains Blockchain concepts related to Industry 4.0, Smart Healthcare, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and explores Smart Contracts and Consensus algorithms. This book will serve as an ideal reference text for graduate students and academic researchers in electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer engineering, and information technology.

This book        
• Discusses applications of blockchain technology in diverse sectors such as industry 4.0, education, finance, and supply chain.        
• Provides theoretical concepts, applications, and research advancements in the field of blockchain.         
• Covers industry 4.0 digitization platform and blockchain for data management in industry 4.0 in a comprehensive manner.        
• Emphasizes analysis and design of consensus algorithms, fault tolerance, and strategy to choose the correct consensus algorithm.
• Introduces security issues in the industrial internet of things, internet of things, blockchain integration, and blockchain-based applications.         

The text presents in-depth coverage of theoretical concepts, applications and advances in the field of blockchain technology. This book will be an ideal reference for graduate students and academic researchers in diverse engineering fields such as electrical, electronics and communication, computer, and information technology.        


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