Wondrous Foods of Waverly Place – The Russos’ Compendium of Magical and Flavorful

Wondrous Foods of Waverly Place – The Russos’ Compendium of Magical and Flavorful | 7.51 MB
English | 93 Pages

Title: Wondrous Foods of Waverly Place: The Russos’ Compendium of Magical and Flavorful Recipes
Author: Dan Babel
Year: 2022

For many of us who have grown up watching Disney shows and are young adults now, Wizards of Waverly Place occupies a special place in our hearts. Are you still hearing the catchy tune of the soundtrack in your head? Indeed, everything is not what it seems in the storage fridge of the Russo family restaurant.

If you are, then this cookbook is the only magic you need to be transported back to Waverly Place. This unique, hand-curated recipe book includes delicious and fantastical treats that you have watched the Russos eat.

You can expect dishes like:

  • Theresa’s Green Smoothie
  • Meat Me in Little Italy
  • Magical Noodle Kugel
  • Garlic Butter Steak for Mason
  • Jerry’s Chocolate Cake

No more daydreaming about iconic scenes from this fun-filled series and wondering what the Waverly Sub Station’s signature sandwich tastes like. We will reveal all the nitty-gritty details that you need to recreate these foods.



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