The Quiz Less Traveled (Ultimate Quick Quizzes) By Rachel McMahon

The Quiz Less Traveled (Ultimate Quick Quizzes) By Rachel McMahon | 32.3 MB
English | 64 Pages

Title: The Quiz Less Traveled
Author: Rachel McMahon
Year: 2022

An all-new title in the exciting series of kid-friendly quiz books written by BuzzFeed quiz creator and pop-culture expert Rachel McMahon!

What’s more fun than packing your bags and hopping in the car for an exciting adventure? Bringing your new favorite quiz book along for the ride! Filled with twenty-five hilarious quizzes that capture the highs and lows of road tripping, this book is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or answering on your own, and features colorful illustrations throughout.

The queen of BuzzFeed quizzes, Rachel McMahon, has created a fun new series that is perfect for young readers. From quizzes that are focused on general topics like sports and fashion, to ones that get you pumped for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, this series has a quiz book for everyone!


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