The 15 Minute Case Conceptualization – Mastering the Pattern-Focused Approach

The 15 Minute Case Conceptualization – Mastering the Pattern-Focused Approach | 7.01 MB
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Title: The 15 Minute Case Conceptualization
Author: Sperry, Len;Sperry, Jonathan;
Year: 2021

Once understood as useful but optional, case conceptualization is now considered essential and one of the most important of all clinical skills and competencies. As clinicians look for resources to assist in learning and mastering this competency, they must choose among different case
conceptualization approaches considering those that are both clinically effective and clinician friendly. A truly clinically effective approach explains and guides treatment, and most importantly, predicts challenges and obstacles that are likely to arise over the course of treatment. Most
approaches emphasize explaning and guiding treatment, but seldom include third function which helps anticipate likely challenges, which if not proactively addressed, are likely to result in therapy interference or premature termination. Research shows that such case conceptualization is essential in
determining the course and overall effectiveness of therapy. This essential task can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. A truly clinician-friendly approach is one that is quick to use and easy to master. The 15 Minutes Case Conceptualization is evidence-based, step-by-step approach that
is both highly effective and clinician friendly.


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