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Title: Tailwind CSS
Author: Ivaylo Gerchev
Year: N/A

Get a rapid introduction to Tailwind, the utility-first CSS framework, and start building sites with it today!
For many years, component-based frameworks, like Bootstrap, were the de facto standard for building websites quickly and easily. But all this magic comes with a price. Without serious customization, sites built with such frameworks look similar to each other. And customization is a real pain in the neck for anyone who wants to build something more complex or creative. Component-based styles are easy to implement, but inflexible and confined to certain boundaries. Solving specificity issues while trying to override the default styles of a particular framework isn’t a fun and productive job. Tailwind is a utility-first framework that is built with low-level functionality in mind. As you’ll see in this book, utility classes offer much more power and flexibility than component classes. You’ll learn:

  • Component vs utility classes, and the pros and cons of…



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