Management – A Practical Introduction, 10th Edition

Management – A Practical Introduction, 10th Edition | 79.49 MB
English | 929 Pages

Title: ISE EBook Online Access for Management
Author: KINICKI;
Year: 2021

Management: A Practical Introduction, 10th edition, empowers students to develop their career readiness. Developed to help students read and learn management with a purpose, it takes a student centered approach. This is the first product to uniquely integrate a strategic career readiness theme throughout to address employers concerns about students graduating without being career ready. It continues to engage students through practical and relevant application of theory, current examples, imaginative writing, and resources that work. The revision expands its strategic career readiness theme, has overhauled the TRM with new detailed lesson plans to assist with course preparation for both in-person and online classes, integrates new coverage on creating shared value and sustainable development, and increases the examples to be inclusive and representative of our diverse body of today’s managers and employees.


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