Boyce M J Jump Rope Fitness How To Burn Fat Lose Weight And Tone Up By Skipping Rope M J Boyce 2013

Boyce M J Jump Rope Fitness How To Burn Fat Lose Weight And Tone Up By Skipping Rope M J Boyce 2013 | 1.45 MB
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Title: Jump Rope FitnesHow to Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Tone Up by Skipping Rope
Author: Boyce, M.J.
Year: 2013

Who said jumping (skipping) rope only belongs on the playground? Can you
believe working out with the jump rope can burn upwards of 1,000 calories an hour?!

Are you tired of paying for expensive and often-underutilized gym memberships that never get you the results you want and deserve? Are you tired of your same-old boring training routines and long commutes to the gym?

Are you looking for something new? Something fresh? Something that will stimulate your body and your mind unlike anything else?

What if I told you that there was a simple, cheap, yet very powerful fitness tool that can help you build a leaner, more balanced, and functionally stronger body?

A tool that can improve your conditioning and endurance, help you lose your stubborn body fat, lose weight, help you improve your speed, quickness, agility and overall athletic performance, and help you reach unreal levels of focus, concentration, and mental toughness.

A tool that you can use anywhere, any time, and without the ridiculous membership costs?

Then you’re in the right place.

Introducing "Jump Rope Fitness: How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Tone Up by Skipping Rope"

In this book, you will learn:

– Why jump rope (skipping rope) training rivals (if not beats) any of today’s forms of training.

– How using the Jump Rope in your fitness plans can help melt the fat away and shred your waistline.

– How jumping rope can burn on average 15 upwards to 20 calories a minute.

– How to choose a rope that best fits your body to maximize your jumping efficiency.

– Learn 13 jump rope variations that will allow you to add new challenges and levels of intensity to your jump rope routines.

Included in the book is a comprehensive diet guide to promote healthy eating and charts for meal plans.

The book covers also details a methodology that we call the 8 Pillars of Success when using the Jump Rope for training:

1. Cheap and Easy to Get Started
2. Train Anywhere
3. Build Effective and Efficient Workouts
4. Develop Exceptional Endurance
5. Improved Mental Focus
6. Improved Balance, Coordination and Perception
7. Improved Quickness, Agility, and Vertical Jump
8. Insane Fat Burning Effects


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