30-Minute Cooking for One – 85 No-Waste Recipes Made Easy

30-Minute Cooking for One – 85 No-Waste Recipes Made Easy | 4.21 MB
English | 211 Pages

Title: 30-Minute Cooking for One: 85 No-Waste Recipes Made Easy
Author: Levin, Amelia
Year: 2021

Make tasty meals for one in 30 minutes or less
Put an end to piles of takeout boxes, unwanted leftovers, and wasted ingredients. 30-Minute Cooking for One makes it easy to save time and money with simple recipes that are perfectly portioned for one. In addition to convenient recipes, discover plenty of helpful advice that’ll make even the most novice chef feel like a pro as they prepare these dishes in a half-hour or less.
This simple cookbook features:

  • Cooking for one 101 -Learn key skills for saving money, including how to plan meals, shop smarter, and properly store ingredients so they last.
  • Handy hacks -Discover how easy cooking for one can be with tips and tricks to speed through common obstacles like mincing garlic or measuring ingredients.
  • Eliminate food waste -Recipes are designed to minimize leftovers and include tips for using any ingredients that might get left behind.

Cooking for one is easy and enjoyable with this beginner-friendly guide.



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