The Big Book of Facts

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Title: The Big Book of Facts
Author: Terri Schlichenmeyer
Year: 2021

Strange science facts! Hilarious history facts! Informative and Fun! A treat of science and history stories and trivia that will inform and entertain anyone curious about the world!

From astonishing, amazing and surprising science and history facts to the little-known stories hidden inside bigger events, The Big Book of Facts is a fascinating tour through our weird and interesting world. You’ll learn about the earth and its history through absorbing stories and interesting tidbits. Did you know .

  • Babies start laughing at just a few weeks old; there are ten discernible types of laughter; and laughter spurs our appetite for food?
  • Like fingerprints, every tongue on Earth has a unique print?
  • The history of the U.S. Postal Service, including the Pony Express, . and the short-lived (but legal) practice of mailing children?
  • Hand washing was not always common through history; toilet paper was invented in the 1400s, and Sir John Harington invented the flushable toilet for Queen Elizabeth I?
  • Though they are all differently shaped by virtue of being an assembly of water droplets, there are ten basic kinds of clouds?
  • A basic and quick history of cash in America, including Alexander Hamilton and the Bank of the United States, Benjamin Franklin’s efforts to thwart counterfeiting, $100,000 bills, and the fact that more than 85% of the world’s money is digital only?
  • Though Shakespeare mentioned Valentine’s Day in “Hamlet,” sending paper cards to a beloved wasn’t a fad until the eighteenth century, and by the 1840s, insulting Valentine cards also became common?
  • Government agencies in the U.S. and France both agree that the measure of a second is determined by how long it takes a cesium atom to vibrate just over nine billion times?
  • The history of children’s games such as hide-and-seek, blindman’s bluff, and jacks that date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans?
  • And much, much more.

    Engrossing, engaging, and enlightening, The Big Book of Facts lets you discover the fun oddities that make up our world. Wide-ranging and fact-filled with nearly 160 illustrations, this information-rich tome also includes a helpful bibliography and an extensive index for those scrambling for more information.


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