Future Minds – The Rise of Intelligence from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe

Future Minds – The Rise of Intelligence from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe | 1.65 MB
English | 440 Pages

Title: Future Minds
Author: Richard Yonck
Year: 2020

For readers of Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking, an epic journey through the intelligent universe.
With the ongoing advancement of AI and other technologies, our world is becoming increasingly intelligent. From chatbots to innovations in brain-computer interfaces to the possibility of superintelligences leading to the Singularity later this century, our reality is being transformed before our eyes. This is commonly seen as the natural result of progress, but what if there’s more to it than that? What if intelligence is an inevitability, an underlying property of the universe?

In Future Minds, Richard Yonck challenges our assumptions about intelligence-what it is, how it came to exist, its place in the development of life on Earth and possibly throughout the cosmos. Taking a Big History perspective-over the 14 billion years from the Big Bang to the present and beyond-he draws on recent developments in physics and complexity theory to…



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