Advanced Programming Techniques Rex A Barzee

Advanced Programming Techniques Rex A Barzee | 378.91 KB
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Title: Advanced Programming Techniques
Author: Rex A. Barzee
Year: N/A

Packed with more than 90 working code examples, Advanced Programming Techniques book will teach you new and innovative algorithms and techniques that you can use in nearly any computer programming language. This book includes multiple solutions to the same programming problems allowing you to compare the different solutions and learn the advantages and disadvantages of each programming technique. From this book you will learn how to write simpler, more precise, and more efficient code. The code examples include (1) how to simplify code by writing table based solutions, (2) how to help a user enter input efficiently, (3) a novel and improved way of implementing an array list, (4) an improved way of implementing a linked list, (5) converting iteration to recursion and vice versa, (6) the most efficient way to compute the population count of an integer, (7) improved ways of implementing sets, (8) the numerically stable way to compute the mean, variance, and correlation, (9) and much more.


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