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Title: Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food
Author: Judy Joo
Year: N/A

‘I love Korean food, and to all those that think that it’s just about kimchi…think again! Judy is a master in the kitchen, her passion and straightforward, easy recipes are inspirational and delicious. From the classics through to street food, and some very clever fusion cooking, this book is a beauty – full of heart-warming food for the adventurous eater.’ Michel Roux Jr.
Fresh from the success of Korean Food Made Simple, chef Judy Joo is back with a brand new collection of recipes that celebrate the joys of Korean comfort food and get straight to the heart and soul of the kitchen.
Drawing on her own heritage and international experience, Judy presents recipes that appeal to everyone, from street food to snacks and sharing plates, kimchi to Ko-Mex fusion food, and dumplings to desserts. Through clear, easy-to-understand recipes and gorgeous photography, Judy will help you…



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