Dark Psychology and Manipulation – The Ultimate Guide To Master The Art Of Persuasion, Identify

Dark Psychology and Manipulation – The Ultimate Guide To Master The Art Of Persuasion, Identify | 1.79 MB
English | 124 Pages

Title: Dark Psychology and Manipulation: The Ultimate Guide To Master The Art Of Persuasion, Identify Manipulation and Protect Yourself From It. Learn How To Analyze and Read Body Language.
Author: Mark Goleman
Year: 2020


Would you like to learn how people use dark psychology to get what they want? Do you want to protect yourself against a manipulator? If yes, then this book is right for you!

Verbal communication can be faked through rehearsal and experience, and this can give a misleading stance. When analyzing people, it is essential to explore the different types of communication skills as a set. You can become a better person by knowing how to read people . You can also protect yourself better from the harm of people with bad intentions.

When you can read people, you are consequently able to spot people that will not benefit you. Before you get too far into a relationship of any nature with someone harmful, you can see what the person is about and prevent further harm from happening . 

You will learn:

  •       What Is And What Is Not Dark Psychology
  •      What is Manipulation and How to Protect Yourself From It        
  •       Manipulation Techniques      
  •      Manipulation vs. Persuasion
  •       How To Use Dark Psychology And Manipulation In Daily Life     
  •      Learn How to Use Manipulation to Your Advantage          
  •       What is NLP
  •      Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Brainwashing
  •       How to Read Body Language

This book offers an insight into the world of “Dark Psychology” , a world that very few people know of its existencand even fewer people understand. These are the tactics and techniques powerful influencers of the world used. This book not only offers you insight into the principles that form the basis of what nearly equals psychology’s black magic, but this book also talks about how these principles are applied and used .

You don’t need any exceptional understanding while reading this book. All you need is the willingness to read, reflect upon the information, and apply your new knowledge.

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