Dark Psychology and Manipulation – 3 Strategic Guides to Defend Yourself from Covert Mental Tactics

Dark Psychology and Manipulation – 3 Strategic Guides to Defend Yourself from Covert Mental Tactics | 3.98 MB
English | 384 Pages

Title: Dark Psychology and Manipulation
Author: Emotion, Travis
Year: 2021


Are You Keen To Know How to Free Yourself From Toxic People and Manipulation using All the Information You Acquire to Your Advantage? Feel You Oppressed by Not Being Able to Analyze a Person’s Behavior?

👍 Somethings does that sound familiar? If your answer is YES, don’t worry and keep reading!
Human beings have always been dominated by their mind and instinct, while their actions and decisions are often unaware. Those few individuals who understood and deepened the domination of mind principles have changed their personal and professional lives. Knowing how to work the Human Mind can help you analyze anyone around you or in your life, and it can profoundly influence the way they think and get what you want from them.
Travis Emotion’s book Dark Psychology and Manipulation covers precisely this, the inner-mechanisms of the mind and emotions and how to architecture those around you to thrust yourself onto an echelon higher than any you have ever known.
⭐ This Book Includes 3 Powerfull Guide:

  • Dark Psychology Secrets
  • How to Analyze People

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Sample

    The goal here is to help you create stronger connections with the people around you, empathize better with them, and make you a better leader. In a matter of weeks, you will be able to protect yourself from manipulation and enhance your life through learning Dark Psychology and Manipulation.
    ⭐ Going Through This Book, You Will:
    ✔️ Learn What Dark Psychology is and How to Exploit It in The Best Effective Way to understand who is in front of you and their intentions, who is Manipulating/Abusing YOU;
    ✔️ Predict Manipulator moves, beat them in advance with their own covert emotional manipulation tactics;
    ✔️ Bend them to your will, make everyone think like you, gain power, control, and acceptance , for a life full of success;
    ✔️ Learn a Step by Step Proven Method to thoroughly read body language and analyze people to allow you to determine trustworthiness, emotional state, intentions, and even romantic interest;
    .& Lot More!
    Nothing Is Left to chance.
    You’ll be able to read a person’s Body Language even if you are not a psychologist because you will have in your hands a practical and foolproof guide based on scientific researches and update information about dark psychology. It is time to get rid of nerve-wracking opponents, win every verbal battle, and establish your leadership in every area of your life. The oppression, the feeling of defeat, and the fear of failure will be old memories once forever.
    Remember, a straightforward decision may make you live in regret for most of your life, but this should not be the case because your key to success is just a click away!

    👉 Scrolling Up, Click the BUY NOW Button, and Get Your Copy to Stop Being Manipulated!



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