Dark Psychology and Manipulation – 3 in 1 – Improve your life by Speed Reading People and Analyze

Dark Psychology and Manipulation – 3 in 1 – Improve your life by Speed Reading People and Analyze | 2.17 MB
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Title: Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 3 in 1: Improve your life by Speed Reading People and Analyze Body Language, Influence Human Behavior Through Nlp, Mind Control Methods and Dark Psychology Secrets
Author: smith, j.r.
Year: 2020

Would you like to learn the precious obscure art that the rich, powerful and well-connected people have used to control society for years?

Have you ever done something and asked yourself "why did I do it"?

Have you ever talked to someone and then bought something you didn’t really need?

Well…you must know that you did those actions or those expenses simply because SOMEONE INFLUENCED YOU.

Mental manipulation happens every day without most people noticing it.

So sit down next to the fireplace and let me tell you how the power of persuasion and manipulation works.

Through these 3 books you will discover how to influence people and learn how to read them as if they were an open book and have them ready to tell you even their most hidden secrets.

You will discover how to put thoughts into people’s minds by convincing them that they are their own.

In " How to Influence People " you will learn

  • The biggest mistake you make trying to read people

  • The tools and techniques used to influence others

  • How to interpret what people around you are thinking and how to empathize with them …

  • Effective communication techniques

  • How not to let your body betray you and make your body language consistent with your thoughts

  • How to exercise influence in various aspects of your life

  • You’ll learn to raise your self-esteem .

  • The secret to detecting and uncovering manipulative behavior

  • Recognize basic behavioral patterns to quickly classify types of people and know how best to influence them

  • Discover people’s true desires and how to use them to your advantage

  • How to analyze the environment and the beliefs underlying ideas and how to benefit from them

  • How to show your weaknesses and exploit them on your behalf

  • How to master the power of fear

  • You’ll discover the relationship between emotional intelligence and influencing them…

  • How to identify the different "types" of personalities and deal effectively with each of them

In " NLP Dark Psychology " and " Dark Psychology Secrets " you will discover and learn

  • The primordial nature of the brain and the development of choices

  • How to work on your beliefs and how to change them for the better

  • How to use NLP to work on depression and feelings of anxiety

  • Will be analyzed some examples of manipulation that we can find in everyday life

  • Techniques for dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. Using emotions, thoughts and actions for your own well-being through awareness.

  • Analyze the mind map and discover how ideas and beliefs take shape

  • Persuasion techniques to be used in everyday situations

  • Discover the techniques used by the best manipulators (lawyers, politicians and masters of persuasion) to bend reality to their own advantage and be right even when they know they are on the wrong side

If you’re wondering if this is a book series that can do the job for you, the answer is yes!

Learn tricks and exercises to use the power of body language and mental manipulation to your advantage!

The book series aims to explain these topics even if you have zero knowledge about them or even if you have already read something about them and want to learn more.

"The fundamental tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who have to use words".

-Philip Dick-

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