DARK PSYCHOLOGY – 6 BOOKS IN 1 – Introducing Psychology,How To Analyze People,Manipulation

DARK PSYCHOLOGY – 6 BOOKS IN 1 – Introducing Psychology,How To Analyze People,Manipulation | 656.81 KB
English | 749 Pages

Title: Dark Psychology: 6 Books in 1: The Art of How to Influence and Win People using Emotional Manipulation, Mind Control, NLP Techniques, Persuasion, Psychological Warfare Tactics in Relationships
Author: David Bennis
Year: 2020

*** 747 pages of Pure Dark Psychology ***
From today, the bestseller " DARK PSYCHOLOGY – 6 BOOKS IN 1 " is also available in Italian and Spanish versions.
Are you interested in understanding the human mind? Would you like to be able to influence other people’s minds with ease? Do you want to learn how to better yourself to become successful? Do you want to become socially powerful? If so, then keep reading.
Some of the darkest sources have given us some of the most compelling evidence and information on being able to control other people. From looking at narcissists to looking at the dark personality types, there is plenty of information to be gained through watching how they interact with others. On the other hand, there is much to be gained from learning how to maintain one’s mindset as well. You can learn all about emotional intelligence, how to self-regulate, and how you can better yourself. All of these subjects have one common theme- Psychology.
This book series delves into several of the most compelling psychological topics out there. You will be provided with six books that can teach you about analyzing people, understanding the mind and vulnerabilities, recovering from abuse, becoming emotionally intelligent, and more.
✓ Introducing Psychology will introduce you to everything that you will need to know about psychology to understand better how your mind works. When you look through the world with these principles, you will learn everything necessary to understand your own emotions, tendencies, and behaviors.
✓ How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology will provide you with all of the information that you would need to know to be able to analyze the minds of others. You will be able to understand reading other people to understand what motivates them so you can learn how to motivate them yourself.
✓ Manipulation and Dark Psychology will provide you with information on the most common manipulation tactics that are out there, how to make use of them, and how always to get what you want, no matter where you are.
✓ Dark Psychology Secrets will teach you how you can learn how to influence other people better, drawing from the tendencies that people who have dark personality types use to control other people and how those can be used in theory to aid in influence and control of others.
✓ Emotional Intelligence & CBT will teach you the ins and outs of emotional intelligence-a skill set that every person needs to know and understand to be successful, as well as all of the background information required for cognitive-behavioral therapy to allow for the use of cognitive restructuring for anyone.
✓ Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery will guide you through recognizing both emotional and narcissistic abuse, as well as the processes that can be used to help people who have suffered from narcissistic abuse recover.
When you buy this bundle, you will get all of that information and more. You will be given insight into how human minds work-and if you learn that information, you will be able to use it as well. You will be able to become influential, stronger, and better than ever before by applying many of the principles that you will be given.
The time to act is now – you can reclaim the power that you deserve. Don’t hesitate and scroll up to click on BUY NOW today!



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