Dark Psychology – 2 BOOKS IN 1 – The Complete Guide to Mind Control, Manipulation, Reverse

Dark Psychology – 2 BOOKS IN 1 – The Complete Guide to Mind Control, Manipulation, Reverse | 2.31 MB
Italian | 200 Pages

Title: Dark Psychology: 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Complete Guide to Mind Control, Manipulation, Reverse Psychology, Secrets of Persuasion, How to Analyze People, Body … Secrets of NLP (Italian Edition)
Author: Reason, Shirley
Year: 2021

Are you tired of being manipulated every time yet can’t seem to stop people in the tracks and would like to be able to spot manipulation tactics/efforts before they even begin so you can stop them, change your life and get back control?
And do you wish to even leverage your knowledge of manipulation and other related techniques used in dark psychology to get people to do things in your favor without having to try too hard and possibly embarrassing yourself?
If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…
You Are About To Discover How To Face Your Weakness And Turn It Into Strength To Help You Regain Control Of Your Life By Mastering The Art Of Dark Psychology And Mind Control!
If you are often left feeling sad shortly after having different dark psychology techniques being used on you, there is hope that you can turn things around – my mastering the game of dark psychology so you can turn things around in your favor, covertly!
By virtue that you are here, it is clear this sounds like a golden ticket to your freedom and mental sanity!
Perhaps you are here with lots of questions about dark psychology and are wondering…
What is this dark psychology and what does it involve?
How do I prevent myself from being manipulated?
What techniques are involved in dark psychology and how do you master each of them for your benefit, whether to shield yourself or to get your way with others?
What is the ethical standpoint of dark psychology?
What is reverse psychology and how does it work?
Is it possible to influence people?
How can I prevent myself from being brainwashed?
If you have these and other related questions, this 2 in 1 book is perfect for you, as it discusses everything you need to know about dark psychology and manipulation to help you recognize dark psychology from a mile away and use the knowledge to your advantage!

Here Is A Sample Of What You Will Learn In This 2 In 1 Book:

Book 1: Dark Psychology And Manipulation

  • What dark psychology entailsĀ 
  • Some of the terminologies used in dark psychology to make it easier for you to understand the art
  • The 6 rules that define the function and nature of dark psychology
  • The different personalities of dark psychology
  • How to recognize mind control techniques
  • The tactics of reverse psychology
  • The art of persuasion and how it works
  • Emotional manipulation, its types, and characteristics

Book 2: Dark Psychology And How To Analyze People

  • Why it is important to analyze people
  • How dark psychology is structured
  • How people close to you, business and the government use dark manipulation
  • How to analyze people like a professional
  • How to recognize and avoid brainwashing

And much more.
Take back control of your life and feel more confident, even if you’ve always been carefree!
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