Salmon P Chase Lincoln’s Vital Rival by Walter Stahr

Salmon P Chase Lincoln’s Vital Rival by Walter Stahr | 40.52 MB
English | 704 Pages

Title: Salmon P. Chase
Author: Walter Stahr
Year: 2022

From an acclaimed, New York Times bestselling biographer, a timely reassessment of Abraham Lincoln’s indispensable Secretary of the Treasury: a leading proponent for black rights both before and during his years in cabinet and later as Chief Justice of the United States.
Salmon P. Chase is best remembered as a rival of Lincoln’s for the Rlican nomination in 1860-but there would not have been a national Rlican Party, and Lincoln could not have won the presidency, were it not for the vital groundwork Chase laid over the previous two decades. Starting in the early 1840s, long before Lincoln was speaking out against slavery, Chase was forming and leading antislavery parties. He represented fugitive slaves so often in his law practice that he was known as the attorney general for runaway negroes, and he furthered his reputation as an outspoken federal senator and progressive governor of Ohio.

Tapped by Lincoln to become Secretary of the…


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