Making Memories – Practice Mindfulness – Learn To Journal And Scrapbook – Find Calm Every Day

Making Memories – Practice Mindfulness – Learn To Journal And Scrapbook – Find Calm Every Day | 12.28 MB
English | 50 Pages

Title: Making Memories
Author: Amy Tangerine
Year: 2022

Find calm every day through journaling and scrapbooking! Practice mindfulness and live in the moment.

This children’s journaling ebook is a fantastic way to teach kids about taking each moment for what it is and managing anxiety, stress and fear. It’s a beautiful how-to guide that will help your kids live more intentionally.

Perfect for children ages 8 and older, this helpful activity ebook includes things to do, journaling prompts and ideas, and relaxation tips and advice. Inside, you’ll find:

– Calming activity ideas for inside and outside, at home, and on the go.
– First lessons in big ideas and philosophy for children alongside practical applications.
– A ‘How-to’ guide to journaling and scrapbooking so children can document their experiences.
– A theme throughout that teaches children to cherish the moment and make and retain memories as a result.
– Creative, practical activities to get children away from screens and encourage a positive frame of mind.

Did you know that mindfulness reduces activity in the brain’s fight or flight zone, allowing for improved focus, memory, and social and emotional skills? That’s why journaling and taking moments away from screens is excellent for children! Making Memories Journal offers a creative solution to managing emotions and living for the now. It’s a fun memories ebook for kids to engage with the world around them through lessons in big ideas and journaling tips.

Kids are taken through activities, from cleaning their space to learning how to make origami and writing down thoughts and feelings. They learn crafts to calm a busy mind, discover Buddhist meditation and explore the outdoors mindfully. It also features a strong environmental awareness, with activities encouraging sustainability and recycling!


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